Professional experts with in-depth knowledge and skills.

Kilgore Scientific's team of experts offer over 100 years of combined experience and provide services nationally as well as globally.

A forensic investigative engineer with over 25 years of experience, Mr. Kilgore specializes in the analysis of electrical and electronic failures resulting in fires, explosions, equipment damage, or personal injury. A highly skilled investigator, Kilgore’s experience includes the examination and documentation of more than 1500 accidents/fires throughout the United States and Canada as well as providing expert testimony and litigation consulting. Kilgore’s specific areas of expertise include electrical/electronic failure analysis, mathematical modeling of electric power-distribution systems, and electrical evidence collection, analysis, and testing procedures.

A forensic investigator with over 40 years of experience, Mr. Martin specializes in the analysis of electrical fires and failures. Mr. Martin has specific expertise in overhead and underground power distribution system design and protection; distribution and power transformer testing and evaluation; high voltage power and control cables, design and operating characteristics and dielectric phenomenon and failure analysis of extruded and laminar dielectrics. His experience also encompasses the analysis and testing of high voltage and high current power cables, transformers, terminations and related accessories for power transmission and distribution systems, transient and steady state heat transfer in polymers, soil, and insulating liquids, electrical arcs, as well as the coordination of power fuses, relays, oil circuit reclosers on power systems, Impulse and lightning phenomena on power systems and Material testing including physical thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties.

Mr. Quimby has more than 14 years experience in the fields of engineering and quality assurance. Mr. Quimby has specialized expertise in the investigation, documentation, and testing of electrical equipment performance and failures. His experience includes performing or participating in examination,testing, and documentation of more than 300 accidents and fires throughout the United States.

Mr. Hautanen has over 25 years of experience performing failure analyses of electrical and electronic equipment and systems, specializing in fire related losses; evaluations of power distribution system failures; electrical contacts and electrocutions; investigations and analyses of industrial fires and explosions; failure analyses of petrochemical process controls and instrumentation; residential and commercial electrical fire causation analyses. Mr. Hautanen has performed more than 2,000 forensic engineering investigations throughout the United States, as well as Mexico, Malaysia, and China. Jeff is a Licensed Engineer by Examination in the field of Electrical Engineering and maintains his registration through NCEES. Mr. Hautanen is a Certified Fire and Explosions Investigator.